Become an expert with our curriculum and instruction certificate programs

Gain the tools for an impactful career in education. With our Online Post-Professional Certificates, you will learn directly from faculty who are experts in their fields as practitioners and researchers, and understand how to meet the needs of a diverse range of learners by developing and leading programs that are both more empathetic and effective.

By pursuing a certificate from William & Mary, you will build on your existing knowledge and experience in a shorter timeframe than our online master's degrees. Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your career or want to better serve the students you work with directly or indirectly, these certificates can support:

  • Licensed teachers interested in earning a possible endorsement*
  • U.S.-based and international educators
  • School administrators
  • Museum and other public educators
  • Government and nonprofit leaders
  • Education lobbyists and advocates
  • School board members and employees
  • Textbook and curriculum developers

*Students are responsible for confirming the Online Post-Professional Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction will meet the requirements to earn an endorsement in their state or region. If you plan to obtain a license or certification in a state other than Virginia or a U.S. territory after completion of your program, it is highly recommended you first seek guidance from the appropriate licensing agency before beginning the academic program to ensure you can obtain a license of certification in your home state or territory. This website provides resources for licensure and certification boards outside of Virginia.

About the Certificates

Special Education (K-6)

Engage students with disabilities and develop a more effective classroom environment through our Online Special Education (K-6) Certificate. Gain the skills to develop individual education plans and implement successful instruction methodology.

Special Education (6-12)

Help students with disabilities at a critical moment in their lives as they transition into college or their careers. Through the Online Special Education (6-12) Certificate from William & Mary, be there to meet their educational needs today and support their tomorrow.

ESL/Bilingual Education

Provide students with classroom content that’s both culturally and linguistically relevant. With our Online Certificate in ESL/Bilingual Education, understand and better meet the unique needs of English learners and multilingual families in the U.S. and abroad.

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