An Online M.A.Ed. Program Built on Social Justice Competencies

Be an Agent for Change

The Online Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction from the William & Mary School of Education gives you the opportunity to spark change throughout your institution or organization and affect change in educational policy and practice.

With coursework built on a framework of five pillars that emphasize social justice competencies, you can advocate for a more equitable tomorrow. The M.A.Ed. curriculum features classes on teaching for equity and inclusion, teaching for social justice and much more.

The 5 Pillars of the Curriculum and Instruction Social Justice Framework


Inquiry is the process of posing significant questions that focus on complex problems. Through the program, you will gather, organize, judge, aggregate and analyze situations, literature and data in order to challenge the inequities perpetuated by the educational status quo.

Experience, Innovation and Passion

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The distinguished faculty at W&M have experience teaching elementary and/or secondary school students and lead dialogue with an equity-driven focus in research publications in text books. They drive innovative teaching methods and are also advocates involved in local and national causes, such as lobbying on Capitol Hill for students with disabilities.

Through the Online M.A.Ed. and Certificate programs, our faculty work to ensure you will be ready to teach and lead through a fulfilling career in Curriculum and Instruction. With the guidance of the faculty members, you will have mastered and demonstrated the social justice competencies that will make a difference in the lives of countless students.

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Social justice is the backbone of transformative change. Work as a global citizen and seek to solve inequities as you guide your school, agency or institution toward a more just approach to education.

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