EDUC C34: Group Theory and Techniques

Credits: 3

Key Skills: Group counseling, leadership, counseling curriculum, extra-therapeutic factors, counseling self-awareness, ethical standards, group interventions, multicultural counseling, motivational counseling

Description: Group therapy is a common practice in counseling. To provide a good group session, counselors must closely examine different types of groups, and apply different group counseling techniques to their practice. This course provides weekly online synchronous group sessions in order to help students gain an understanding of the intricacies of group therapy.

Students enrolled in Group Therapy and Techniques will gain a theoretical and experiential understanding of group purpose, development, dynamics, techniques and skills, and various approaches. The course focuses on helping beginning-stage group leaders apply their new knowledge to working in groups with children, adolescents, and adults across diverse settings. Through the use of experiential activities, both inside and outside the classroom, students will acquire experience in conducting and leading counseling, psychoeducational, and task/work groups.

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