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Pay it Forward with the Online Master of Education in Counseling

In times of struggle or challenge, or sometimes when preparing to seize opportunity, outside support can be a welcome relief and source of encouragement. For those who have been called to serve others as a professional counselor, this act of support can be a means of paying forward the experiences that have impacted their own lives by immersing them in diverse learning environments and a highly sought-after program. As counselors, they find an opportunity to engage individuals, families and entire communities, and become a supportive resource to help others achieve better mental health, higher education, more holistic wellness or even career advancement.


Are you called to experience the joys and challenges of guiding others through life's obstacles and opportunities? If the answer is "yes," then the William & Mary School of Education is delighted to introduce to you the CACREP-accredited Online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Counseling. Choose from the following concentrations and specializations:

Putting Social Justice at the Heart of Counseling

Cultural responsiveness and social justice are central to both our on-ground and online counseling programs, and they are brought to life in a unique and engaging way with our online learning platform and dashboard. Track your performance against critical competencies associated with both topics, and begin to reflect on how you can instill these same themes into your everyday work as a licensed counselor.

Begin Your Online Experience

With Counseling Comes the Power to Change

The William & Mary School of Education is a research-driven institution where engaging student experiences are rooted in an innovative curriculum and directed by award-winning faculty.1 Here, students of the Online Master of Education in Counseling program are guided thoughtfully through the principles and theories of counseling and psychotherapy, with professional emphasis given to social justice and cultural responsiveness. The program challenges and encourages students' individual ideas about how to positively impact worldwide communities, while testing their personal drive to serve others. The cumulative experience helps to equip our graduates with the knowledge, compassion and objectivity they will need to become effective licensed counselors, able to provide for the diverse needs of individuals across schools and clinical mental health facilities.

Merging Academic Excellence with Learning Innovation

Before you can help others recognize and focus on their strengths, you must first test and build your own. The Online M.Ed. in Counseling program prepares highly qualified licensed counselors to practice in numerous settings, including schools and mental health facilities, by immersing them in diverse learning environments and a highly sought-after curriculum. Throughout the program, students are supported by incomparable instructors who are experts in their respective fields and engaged in studies defined by:

  • Experiential and interactive learning opportunities, such as roleplay
  • A strong emphasis on both theory and practice
  • Ongoing commitments to social justice, cultural responsiveness and diversity
  • The development of professional comportment

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Join a new world of change agents.

Social and cultural transformation begins at the individual level. This is a counselor's greatest power: To cultivate hope in others and foster their ability to overcome life's challenges, allowing them to achieve a greater version of themselves. The W&M School of Education is preparing a new generation of leaders who can facilitate this kind of impact. Through integrated teaching methods and experiential learning opportunities, including practicum courses and internships, our students learn to serve in a changing cultural landscape.

The CACREP-accredited Online Master of Education in Counseling from W&M can set you on a rewarding path, whether you want to become a school counselor, a military and veterans counselor, or a licensed professional counselor in clinical mental health.

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School Counseling

Become a critical partner in helping students of all ages achieve optimal performance in school and beyond, and guide them through the challenges that so often accompany the days of primary and secondary education. Our Online M.Ed. in Counseling with a concentration in School Counseling program emphasizes a balanced approach that will teach you to understand the cognitive and physical growth of children, recognize their developmental needs and deliver targeted support mechanisms.

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

The Online M.Ed. in Counseling with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is designed to help students prepare for licensure exams and eventual work as licensed professional counselors. This unique discipline focuses on both the physical wellness and psychopathology needs of individuals, so our program is designed to fulfill all classroom and clinical instruction requirements necessary for licensure. Master lessons in prevention, advocacy and support, and start reaching out to those in need.

Military and Veterans Counseling

We are proud to offer a Military and Veterans Counseling specialization within our Clinical Mental Health concentration, which is designed to help students provide much-needed mental health services to veterans, service members and their families. Topics include addictions assessment and treatment, counseling military families, and military-to-veteran transition. This program provides basic classroom and clinical instruction that Virginia and most states require for licensure as a professional counselor.

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Renowned Faculty, Focused on You

The renowned faculty who will partner with and mentor you during your W&M graduate journey are themselves active scholars who, in the last decade, have collected more than $44 million for research studies. Inside the virtual classroom, they are committed to your success and to building your confidence as a licensed counselor.

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Begin Your Application

At William & Mary, we are proud to offer support throughout your grad school journey, from application to graduation. If you have questions about the Online M.Ed. in Counseling, contact an Admissions Advisor today at 866-870-6966. The next deadline is fast approaching!

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Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

Graduate school can be a life-changing decision, and pursuing the opportunity online comes with a unique set of questions, concerns and curiosities. So, our faculty, staff and school of education leaders have aligned to answer the most common questions related to the W&M online application process and admissions procedures.

From a Storied Beginning, Our Future Vision Grows

Since 1693, William & Mary has championed an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and to training educators. University faculty and leaders consistently engage others who represent departments outside their own and in this way fuse professional studies with liberal arts and a broader perspective on diverse cultures and communities. This idea merges seamlessly with our mission at the School of Education and, specifically, the aim of our Online M.Ed. in Counseling program, which seeks to align practical and clinical studies with philosophical lessons in social justice, ethics and diversity.

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