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W&M Libraries

Ranked number 6 among the nation’s best school libraries,¹ the W&M Libraries provide a myriad of electronic sources for online students. From digital databases and academic journals to research guides and bibliography tools, the W&M Libraries help to ensure that you have access to extensive and authoritative materials that can simplify and improve your research and study efforts. Plus, when you have a moment for more leisurely browsing, the library offers online exhibits of various mixed media, including posters, murals, books, letters and more.

Professional Development Center

The 11,000 square foot Professional Development Center (PDC) is an attractive, functional meeting space intended to serve as the School of Education’s main venue for hosting meetings, conferences and other events in support of the professional development of educators. It serves as a venue for the school of education departments, offices and programs, as well as for community-based educational, non-profit and governmental organizations, to conduct meetings and professional development activities in support of their respective purposes, especially as aligned with the SOE’s core mission.

The William & Mary Educational Review

This peer-reviewed, online scholarly journal chronicles research and professional opinions from a host of education disciplines and subdisciplines, including those you will study in the Online M.Ed. in Counseling program. As a publishing platform, the journal is open to all W&M graduate student researchers and practitioners, and we encourage these individuals to submit work that could help improve global understanding of key topics within education. Established in 2012, the journal is read internationally across more than 15 countries and is published annually or biannually depending on current membership and submissions received.

Chi Sigma Iota

Established in January 1985, Chi Sigma Iota is an international honor society that recognizes distinguished leaders in professional counseling and advocates for excellence in the field. Graduates of the Online M.Ed. in Counseling program who are inducted into the society have the advantage of being recognized as high-performing academic or clinical professionals. Chi Sigma Iota is certified by the Association of College Honor Societies and provides several exclusive benefits to members, including global networking opportunities, access to career resources and subscription to both the Exemplar and the Journal of Counselor Leadership & Advocacy.

For questions regarding student learning support or research resources, please contact Rebecca Beasley, director of the Learning Resource Center, at 757-221-2311 or by email at

An Online Experience to Spark Your Career
Discover how engaging and collaborative an online degree program can be! Our immersive digital learning environment allows you to interact with faculty and cohort members, access coursework and assignments remotely and track your progress toward becoming an effective and culturally responsive counselor.
Aligning Academic Performance with Learning Innovation
The Online M.Ed. in Counseling program has a long-standing history of excellence driven by renowned researchers and practitioners. Our innovative curriculum, which has been replicated and utilized across the nation, invites students to reflect on their professional goals and prepares them to become effective clinical mental health counselors and school counselors.
Financial Assistance for Your Online Degree
You are preparing for a career during which you will invest in the lives of countless individuals. To get there, you must first invest in yourself. W&M is proud to offer competitive tuition rates that make our Online M.Ed. in Counseling accessible to a broad audience and various opportunities for tuition assistance and financial aid.
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