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Curriculum decisions have far-reaching consequences for students and teachers in K-12 schools. The decisions made in public schools are often hotly debated. The triggers for controversy include societal issues and agendas, the goals and effectiveness of the education, and funding. These debates underscore the importance of curriculum development in enhancing teaching and learning.
What are the symptoms of PTSD in veterans and what treatments are available to help them cope? Explore the treatment options for veterans diagnosed with PTSD.
Explore the types of veterans assistance available to veterans suffering from PTSD, and learn more about how counselors can specialize in working with active military and veterans to make a positive difference to this population.
Drafting a personal statement for graduate school can be a challenging prospect for even the most confident writers. To make this process less daunting, let’s break it down into actionable steps that will help you shine.
Explore special education master’s degree specializations. There are several areas of special education master’s specializations that drill down to meet the needs of specific populations.
Becoming a counselor for active military and veterans comes with special considerations. Let’s explore in greater depth how trauma counselors can work to the benefit of veterans. A trauma counselor works with clients who have been through a traumatic event in their lives and helps them find healthy ways to cope.
Professionals working in curriculum design must receive additional training and education beyond what is needed to be a classroom teacher, meaning they must already have, or must gain and sharpen, specific skills to achieve success.
Whether you are a curriculum specialist, teacher in the classroom or an educator at a non-traditional institution, it’s important to know the eight most common types of curriculum and how they interact with one another.
For many, earning a master’s degree is a great way to increase their earning potential, or a graduate program is their way to get ahead in their careers and move into a supervisory position or one with more and better responsibilities. For those interested in curriculum and instruction jobs, however, earning another degree or certificate has a much bigger impact and not just on their careers.